Robeson County Fire Scanner

We have upgraded our server to make the scanner compatiable with more players
You can now listen with Android or Apple Operating systems using the ScannerRadio app.

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If you can see the player below the scanner is online, sometimes traffic is so slow be patient if you don't hear anything.

If you do not see the player above click HERE to select a different player from the server.

The Channels and frequencies being scanned are as follows:

154.145Mhz Robeson Fire
154.235Mhz Lumberton City Fire
155.235Mhz Robeson Ambulance
155.160Mhz Robeson Rescue
155.385Mhz Lumberton Rescue
156.075Mhz Saint Pauls City Fire
155.820Mhz Fairmont City Fire
154.265Mhz Rowland City Fire
155.040Mhz Pembroke City Fire
152.270Mhz South Robeson Rescue
154.385Mhz Maxton City Fire
154.370Mhz Red Springs Fire
151.475Mhz North Carolina Forest Service


Medzone and Rescue Zones

Medzone 1 / Rescue 1 - Lumberton
Medzone 2 / Rescue 2 - Fairmont
Medzone 3 / Rescue 3 - Rowland
Medzone 4 / Rescue 4 - Maxton
Medzone 5 / Rescue 5 - Pembroke
Medzone 6 / Rescue 6 - Red Springs
Medzone 7 / Rescue 7 - Saint Pauls
Medzone 8 / Rescue 8 - Parkton

Click here for a list of Emergency Medical Dispatch signal codes EMD
Click here for a list of Emergency Fire Dispatch EFD
Click here for a combined summary list SUMMARY

An example of a page is as follows:
Medzone 1, Rescue 1, Station 29 need you to respond to signal twenty nine delta two p paul.

In plain english this would convert to:
Lumberton Ambulance, Lumberton Rescue, Saddletree Fire need you to respond to motor vehicle accident
The "delta two p paul" would be a condition of the seriousness of the incident. Generaly the higher the alphabet the more serious the nature of the incident